White Sky

I forgot just how saturated this raw sienna is. I thought of it more like a skin tone because my swatch card is a bit too diluted, but at full power it's very bright for an earth yellow. It definitively works well with the bright colors on this palette.⁠

White Sky⁠

"Slowly, ⁠
A storm is brewing,⁠
It will eventually,⁠
And inevitably, ⁠
But as for now,⁠
The sky hides⁠
Behind a pure white veil of clouds⁠
With a hazy and indiscernible form.⁠
Even if it’s just a matter of time⁠
Before it darkens and falls,⁠
The unearthly look of this white sky⁠
Can turn any common place⁠
Into the forsaken grounds⁠
And bend the shape of reality."⁠


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