Verdant Alley

At first, the lineart for this piece was pretty much all of similar width, but it seemed kinda off. At some point, while waiting for a wash to dry, I ran across an urban sketch that I found particularly interesting, so I looked for what made it stand out from the rest. What I found was that the outline of foreground elements was quite thicker than the rest of the linework. I decided I'd try it in this piece and it resolved a few composition problems I had. I'll definitively try to make it part of my future work.

Verdant Alley⁠


"A small alleyway⁠
Made of concrete and cement⁠
At the base of a mountain,⁠
The last point ⁠
Between an isle of nature⁠
And the city surrounding it.⁠
The further in,⁠
The more trees grow on the lands around,⁠
The more grass breaks through the pavement, ⁠
And the bumpier the path becomes⁠
Until it turns into a trail.⁠
When nothing but spirits⁠
Are left to wander,⁠
The spot of verdant life⁠
That was left alone⁠
Will slowly expand⁠
And under the weight of each steps it takes,⁠
The ground will crack⁠
To let peaceful beings ⁠
Sprout through."⁠

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