The Listener

Once again, the lack of proper dark reference in the field of vision got me. I paint the skin first and get it to a shade I think is good for the composition, then paint the dark hairs and suddenly the skin looks whiter than white. And then per usual, I did quite a few mistakes trying to darken the skin to the shade I wanted and ended up losing most details I had painted and getting a weird scaly texture in the lighter spots due to lifting. To be fair, I could have painted the details again, but usually when you start messing up a perfectly good painting based on decision made in advance, it's a good sing you should just stop. And I whine a lot, but it really ain't that bad, there's still a more good than bad in the piece.⁠


The Listener⁠

“Overwhelming waves of noise⁠
Everywhere, life moving to this sound⁠
Unstoppable and unwavering.⁠
Glances of other lives⁠
Caught by your ears⁠
While simply existing near them.⁠
Those snip of stories⁠
Come and go,⁠
Without closure,⁠
As you write your own.⁠
Perhaps one of them⁠
Will inspire one of your lines.”⁠

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