The Hole

I think this one ended up very well. The palette is very sunset-ish so it really gives a warmth to the piece and the little bit of violet in the lower left gives a bit of a moodiness. I also really like the salt texture happening on the right side, it makes the piece much more dynamic.⁠

The Hole⁠

"A sinking feeling⁠
Pushes against your chest⁠
As you watch a warm light⁠
Devouring the horizon.⁠
The clear sky looks oddly tense⁠
Blazing with otherworldly colors⁠
As your rib cage ⁠
Seems like it would burst open,⁠
Letting out the song⁠
Of a vanishing heart.⁠
The hole gaping in this torso⁠
Only seems to expand⁠
To let through⁠
The burning last whispers of daylight⁠
That will soon let place⁠
To the ashes of night."⁠


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