The Actress

I think I did A pretty good job on this one. The background didn't tourn out the way I hoped, but the face is looking pretty good. I also like the texture of this new paper, I was afraid it might be too much, but it's actually nice.⁠


The Actress⁠

“The sound of the crowd outside⁠
Resonates in your head⁠
As you try to delay the moment⁠
You have to stand before them.⁠
The anxiety rises as time passes,⁠
It’s already is too late to opt out,⁠
The only thing you can feel⁠
Is that you’ll let them down⁠
With a rubbish performance.⁠
But now, the curtains slowly open,⁠
Letting a blinding ray of light into your eyes⁠
As you breathe deeply to calm down,⁠
Now is your time to go.”⁠

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