My idea for this piece was just to make the character's shirt a block shape, but I thought that if I made such a strong light in the face I should at least put a bit of shadow to the shirt. I also ended up making quite a colorful background, but I'm not sure if I prefer this background or the lighter first layer of background alone.⁠


"Flowing through a stream of old memories,⁠
A few images captivate your mind.⁠
They, like a lifeless tree,⁠
Stayed rooted despite their irrelevance,⁠
But observing these mundane scenes⁠
Barely liminal details are revealed.⁠
The tree that seemed to stand ⁠
By only some dried up roots⁠
Have regained its leaves.⁠
Those pointless recollections⁠
Found back their hidden meaning."⁠


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