Street Noise

I recently read a bit about how color theory has very little scientific value and how it has pretty much no direct application. The discussions available at are very informative as they talk about the problems with color theory and the scientific misconceptions on the subject while explaining the actual way colors work. It's a good read that I would defenitively recommend (especially the text about color harmony and color desing), but it's a very heavy read that can get complicated if you don't know much about colorimetry. All that to say that I tried to change my use of colors a little so it doesn't necessarly follows color theory rules and I think it worked well.⁠⁠
Street Noise⁠⁠
"The sound of roaring engines roaming around the city⁠⁠
And the clapping steps of dozens of people,⁠⁠
All following their own cadency,⁠⁠
Reverberate together as one buzz⁠⁠
Bashing on your eardrums⁠⁠
Like the most chaotic drummer.⁠⁠
The music of the street⁠⁠
Keeps playing without a break⁠⁠
And without a beat⁠⁠
As your heartbeat try to adjust⁠⁠
To the ever-changing rhythm,⁠⁠
Cutting your breath short.⁠⁠
This excessive liveliness⁠⁠
With all its overwhelming bursts⁠⁠
Burns down your energy⁠⁠
Almost as fast⁠⁠
As the cars passing by⁠⁠
While plugging your earphones⁠⁠
So to stop this symphony."⁠⁠
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