Slow Motion

The pattern I used for the light didn't work as well as I would have liked, but the overall piece is pretty nice. I really like the color of the background, I mixed it from Ultramarine Violet and Mayan Violet. I don't use Ultramarine Violet nearly as much as I should because violets aren't the most useful colors for me, but everytime I use it, it does it's job wonderfully.⁠


Slow Motion⁠

“Blinding light⁠
Coming through the window,⁠
An unbreakable silence⁠
As you look at the world outside.⁠
Everything seems to be in slow motion,⁠
The leaves gently waving in the wind,⁠
The clouds carefully soaring up there,⁠
Even the people in the distance move slowly,⁠
It’s a forever changing scene⁠
That always keeps the same essence.”⁠


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