I think I overpainted the hairs because now it's too dark to see the linework properly... But it's not like it's really that bad. I just have to be careful next time because Indathrone Blue really is a powerful color.⁠


"A mind wanders⁠
In an attempt to start working.⁠
It looks for the way to tackle⁠
The exhausting tasks of the day,⁠
First making a plan⁠
And then noticing the feathering of the ink⁠
On the paper of the schedule.⁠
Perhaps was it actually intended for pencil,⁠
Or maybe it is simply poorly manufactured.⁠
Its grain seems quite unfit for ink after observation,⁠
Something that most wouldn’t notice,⁠
Just like the buzzing of electricity running through walls.⁠
Even now, this high-pitched screech comes from everywhere,⁠
The lamp, the power outlets, even the computer,⁠
But no one ever seems to care.⁠
A lot of things here would need a fixing,⁠
And as it is, a cleaning would also be good.⁠
Those walls are covered in drips and stains.⁠
And only after going over all the distractions,⁠
The work can finally start,⁠
Or at least it could⁠
If it wasn’t for the tiredness of so much thinking."⁠

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