Night Inspiration

I struggled a bit to paint the face, especially the forehead. I think the brush I used was a bit too stiff for this painting style and these pigments, so the layers ended up reactivating ecery time I tried to paint over them. But I managed to make it not that bad. Somehow... I really don't know how tho, it just kinda... worked at some point.⁠


Night Inspiration⁠

“The blank page ⁠
Won’t let itself be filled.⁠
Ideas won’t flow out⁠
And stain the paper⁠
As they usually do.⁠
This pencil awaits,⁠
Scribbling a bit ⁠
Some meaningless lines,⁠
Like an engine that keeps rolling⁠
Until someone finally presses on the clutch.⁠
But you end up gazing in the night⁠
At a page⁠
With only a few doodles,⁠
Still waiting ⁠
For inspiration to come all by itself.”⁠

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