I changed the size of my painting a bit because of my new paper stretcher that makes me lose a bit more paper. I used to make 10X13in but now it's 9.5X13in with a 1/4in of it on each side that is kept as a white border. At first I wanted the hairs to be much paler and have a more washed out look, but I kept adding layers and it ended up like this. It kind of looks like what humans probably would look like if they naturally grew pink hairs rather than the more clearly stylized and softer look I was going for, but it still looks nice.⁠



“Always waiting ⁠
For something to happen,⁠
For a sweet summer to come⁠
And for the soft embrace of its warmth,⁠
Only to ever be met⁠
With a stagnant, suffocating heat⁠
And the constant overflow of sweat.⁠
Always longing⁠
For something to be corrected⁠
In this awfully unchanging world⁠
That dreads change.”⁠

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