Even though the palette for this piece is quite large, the paints from Beam Paints really were the stars here, especially the Wet Grizzly color. I only have a sample because I don't really use glittery paints usually, but the golden shine worked so well with the piece, I couldn't resist. The scan doesn't make it justice though, the hairs actually have an ashen brown color, but when exposed to light, they get a bright golden shine.⁠



“Raise this face⁠
And look straight ahead.⁠
See in the glass⁠
Strengths as much weaknesses⁠
Adorning this view⁠
Like golden jewelry.⁠
Looking at it⁠
Shouldn’t leave scars,⁠
But fill you with pride,⁠
Not because of those who came before,⁠
Nor for those who’ll come after,⁠
So keep this face high⁠
And celebrate for what stands now.”⁠

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