This is definitively not my best work, but I wanted to make something that take less effeorts this week so it's fine. But I find the concept interesting, so I will probably remake it one day. And it also let me practice a new technique: scraping some of the paper off with a knife. I tried this to make the illusion of torn edges and it worked pretty well.⁠


"All these recorded moments⁠
Captured by different people,⁠
All with different purposes⁠
And through their own perspective,⁠
Each of them, I tore them apart.⁠
I destroy the spirit of all these picture,⁠
Turn them into meaningless fragments,⁠
And then I draw my own landscape with them.⁠
Yet, they still find a voice⁠
To tell their own tales.⁠
One talks about a starry night sky⁠
While another recalls the storm that came after.⁠
None of their individual memories survived.⁠
But they still write a new story together."⁠


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