Fountain Of The Wisp

I picked the palette randomly and I thought the colors that came out would work very well for a fairy tale-looking piece so I came up with this. At first I just wanted to put a normal flower, but looking at the reference image I used, I thought the center part kinda looked like small fingers so I put actual fingers instead, and it makes it look even more magical.⁠

Fountain Of The Wisp⁠


"A mossy birdbath⁠
Standing in what once was⁠
Probably a yard of some sort⁠
Hosts in its reflective water⁠
A strange lily.⁠
Born of the gleam of this tiny pond,⁠
Surviving even in the shade of great trees,⁠
This flower holds in its core⁠
A flame burning with an unknown spirit.⁠
It floats, day and night,⁠
On the ripples of its temple,⁠
Looking after this sanctuary⁠
Where nature shines with the most vivid colors."⁠

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