Flower Burst

Flowers are nice to paint, but it's hard to do so without proper reference photos. That kind of composition would require to study all the kinds of flowers in it very well to paint them realisticly. My style doesn't require them to be that realistic so it's not that bad, but I think I'll avoid painting that much flowers in a composition in the future, unless I take much more time to make it.⁠

Flower Burst⁠

"Snow melted away⁠
And a slight scent of spring⁠
Start to fill the air.⁠
As heavy layers of clothes⁠
Gradually disappear from shoulders,⁠
Soil and branches coat themselves⁠
In thick foliage and delicate blooms,⁠
Saturating the chilly breeze⁠
With an increasingly perceptible perfume ⁠
Of life coming back after a long slumber."⁠

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