As promised, I redid this piece, and I managed to improve it a lot. Notably, the lineart is no longer a nightmarish vision, but I also refined the composition a bit:⁠
-I toned down the chorma of the shirt's pattern to make the flames pop out more⁠
-The black of the shirt also have a higher concentration of PBk11 giving it more of a burnt texture.⁠
-Still on the shirt, I also made sure to keep the edges properly defined⁠
-Also made the pattern cleaner.⁠
-The flames' pattern was also reworked to be a bit more realistic.⁠
- I also did a bit of a gradiant at the bottom of the background to make it moodier⁠
-Finally, I made the outer white lineart with masking fluid rather than white gel ink.⁠


Side-by-side with the old version



“Throw oil on the fire,⁠
Make it all burn great and bright.⁠
I can feel them, ⁠
Bindings tightening on me,⁠
My fire gradually fading.⁠
But there’s still time⁠
To feed the embers,⁠
So I’ll give them whatever I can,⁠
Make everything burn if I need to.⁠
It might not be hot enough⁠
To turn shackles to ashes,⁠
But I can’t let such a flame⁠
Be extinguished that easily.⁠

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