Fireflies' Flight

This piece was interesting to make because I had to make all the fireflies one by one, trying to give a certain flow to the different swarms while keeping a natural look so it doesn't look like I drew them all one by one.⁠

Fireflies' Flight⁠

"In the darkness of the night⁠
A small wisp of light⁠
Swifts gently around a clearing⁠
Hidden in the depth of the woods.⁠
It dances to the music⁠
Of a breeze in the leaves of nearby trees⁠
And the buzzing of its own wings.⁠
But only when curious creatures approach,⁠
The other fireflies wake⁠
To the sound of cautious steps,⁠
And the shy flutter⁠
Turns into a fiery storm."⁠

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