Fiery Clouds

The clouds didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but they do have a lot going on in them, and that makes for a pretty interesting piece. I like how the face ended up looking, it has a really nice level of stylization I think.⁠


Fiery Clouds⁠

“Even though clouds are set ablaze,⁠
The sky is only getting darker.⁠
Surroundings are getting obscured,⁠
With only the street lights⁠
To prevent them from fully disappearing⁠
As the warm flames of the sky⁠
Are slowly being extinguished.⁠
Stretch this neck all you want,⁠
Whatever you were looking for⁠
Is vanishing in the night,⁠
So enjoy the last colorful clouds⁠
And come back again tomorrow.”⁠

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