Coastal Road

At first I was going to use some Perylene Green for the interior of the car, but I found I could mix this nice grayish green from Phthalo Turquoise and Raw Umber. It gave me the opportunity to finish up the last tiny bit of Raw Umber that was still on my palette that I would have struggled to finish otherwise.⁠

Coastal Road⁠

"The marine breeze⁠
flows through your hairs⁠
And blows its melody in your ears⁠
As the car drives down the road⁠
Following the coastline.⁠
The smell of salt⁠
Burning your nostrils⁠
And the reflections on the waves⁠
Shining directly at your eyes⁠
Slowly are imprinted in your memory⁠
As a reminder of the wonderful scenery⁠
Along which you traveled."⁠


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