Blossoming Head

Again the skin of the character ended up overworked, but this time it works rather well with the concept. I planned on making a smoother skin which would have given more of a magical atmosphere to the piece, but it turned out very textured, which gives it more of an ancient look. It still works with the piece, just puts the emphasis somewhere else.⁠


Blossoming Head⁠

“Light shines ⁠
On a precious flower,⁠
Lying there,⁠
At the deepest of a chasm.⁠
This bloom is the bed⁠
Of a tired being⁠
In a deep sleep⁠
Of many ages long.⁠
As the plant grows,⁠
The wake of this life ⁠
Unknown in nature⁠
Slowly approaches. ⁠
But in such depth⁠
Where the sun rarely reaches,⁠
Who knows how long it will take?“⁠

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